About Us

The Youth Ministry program consists of four main programs: the high school program, the junior high program, the college and the young adult program. All programs are coordinated by our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Aaron Frazita, and work together on different projects throughout the year.

The ministries purpose is to be a ministerial presence for one another to help to push all who are involved to grow within their faith lives.

We are committed to service and helping to bring about the work of God through our lives, our actions, and by being examples for one another.



We the united youth ministry group of St. Michael Catholic Parish proudly proclaim that we:

Strive to serve the community both physically and spiritually, not only through our words, but through our actions

Welcome all who would like to join the group regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, physical impairment, national or ethnic origin, or age who would like to walk alongside us in our faith journey.

Represent a diverse community of spiritual and intellectual youth with an undying passion for God.

Recognize, celebrate and respect the God within every person.

Push ourselves and one another to the limit to get outside of our comfort zones and understand our relationship with God on a deeper level.

Our Mission


St. Michael Youth Ministry

3709 Stone Lakes Dr.

Louisville, KY 40299




Our Staff

Aaron Frazita

Coordinator of Youth Ministry



Steve Scherdin

Associate Coordinator of Youth Ministry


Michaela Guice

Associate Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Saint Michael Youth Ministry

A Ministry of St. Michael Parish

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