First off, thank you for sharing your young people with us each day.  We know that we are truly blessed to be walking alongside your children in their faith journey.  Know that our doors is always open if you need any advice or simply a listening ear.  It takes a village to raise a child and we know that working together, we can help raise the next generation of young people to be the best one yet.  Below are a few resources we have found helpful along the way. We are in now way paid or reimbursed for putting them on the website, just things we like and thought you might as well.  Email us with any suggestions you have. 


Each week, we will be sending home information with your children about the topics that we discuss at each week’s drop-ins along with discussion questions.  Hopefully, this will help you to better understand what goes on each week at drop-in.  Know that you are always welcome to join us for any of our events. 

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Saint Michael Youth Ministry

A Ministry of St. Michael Parish

Saint of the Day for Kids- $1.99

A great way to have some talking points to introduce both kids and teens to the various saints from our Catholic faith.

***Note: The following resources are things we have found helpful and are no way paid to endorse the products.  We hope you find them helpful as well***

Laudate– Free!

This app is a wealth of information from various prayers to daily Mass readings to Liturgy of the Hours. 

The Catholic Social Teaching App– Free!

Delve into Catholic Social teaching with this great app. 


Catholic Mass Responses– Free!

Forgotten the new Mass part responses?  This app can help you or your teen have the right responses for Mass. 


The Catholic Directory– Free!

Out of town this weekend visiting family or friends and not sure where to go to Mass?  This app can help you figure it out!


Prayers 2000+....-$2.99

A great archive of prayers to use for various times with your family. 

Confession– A Roman Catholic App- $1.99

Are you or your teen not sure what to do when it comes to Confession?  This app can help lead the way and helps to focus during the Sacrament.

A Catholic Blog about maintaining the collective memory. By the author of “The Little Oratory – The Beginners Guide to Praying in the Home”. Also a great resource for homeschooling families, or anyone who wants to live out the Church Year in their home.

Mother’s of Boys Society.  Finding delight in the chaos of raising boys and shaping a generation of men to love the Lord.

By Family Life Center International, founded by Steve Wood, Author and Radio Host of Faith and Family Radio

An Initiative for Men by the Knights of Columbus. is a great Catholic site and the Catholic Famiy tab which I linked to has family resources.

Resource for Catholic Parents!

Resource for free Catholic CDs,Books, Pamphlets, Novels etc.  Run by St. Jude Media (Publishers of Bud MacFarlane’s book “Pierced by a Sword”)

This one is obvious… Catholics Answers on Chastity Outreach, especially helpful for parents of teens

These links are both tabs on

Good resources for both moms and dads


The Pope App- Free

Exactly what it sounds like. Keep up with Pope Francis and all that is going on with him. 

99 Thoughts Every Girl Should Know– Neely McQueen


99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers-

Walt Mueller


A Parent’s Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis-

Rich Van Pelt and Jim Hancock


A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Sex and Dating–

Mark Oestreicher and Joel Mayward


A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media–

Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLane


A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains–

Mark Oestreicher


A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls–

Mark Oestreicher and Brooklyn Lindsey


A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Guys–

Mark Oestreicher and Brock Morgan


Affordable Family Fun-

Susan L. Lingo


Fun Excuses to Talk About God-

Joani Schultz


The Space Between-

Dr. Walt Mueller


Tech Savvy Parenting-

Brian Housman